Construction facilities

«Starobeshevskaja Thermal Power Station», Starobeshevo, Ukraine

Object type Types of work
Unloading Complex Reconstruction of the block № 4 of the unloading and storage of the moist slime complex. Including the drum dryer by the length 33 m, variable diameter from 5020 мм to 6540 мм, weight 280 t.
Block № 4 of the Station - mounting of the steam pipe-line (P= 2.6 МPа; t = 5450 C) to blowing device of the boiler; - mounting of compressors pipelines (ZR 250-7.5) and (ZAc 325-5E) and external connections pipelines
High pressure pipelines Execution of the scheduled works for welding of high pressure pipelines joints
Slurry drying plant Development of technical documentation of KM mark for supporting structures and slurry drying plant hoppers

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