Construction facilities

OJSC «Azovstal Iron & Steel Works», Ukraine

Object type Types of work
Blast Furnace Shop Overhaul - reconditioning repair of the Blast Furnace (BF № 6) with construction of the modern Foundry Yard, mounting of the Foundry Yard technological equipment with hydraulics systems, load-lifting machineries, aspiration system with electric filters for gas-cleaning system. Manufacturer of the equipment: «Mi-Fi-Bu» (Slovakia). Производитель оборудования «Mi-Fi-Bu» (Словакия).
Construction of the clay mill
Reconstruction of the Foundry Yard’s aspiration system of the Blast Furnace (BF № 6) with mounting of the gas-cleaning plant that equipped by electric filters. Manufacturer of the equipment: “Mi-Fi-Bu” (Slovakia).
Overhaul-reconditioning repair of the Blast Furnace (BF № 4) replacing the chutes of the Foundry Yard, hydraulics, lubrication and technological equipment
Blast Furnace (BF-2). Construction of the trestle-work of the pipelines for sea water of the pumping station № 1 to the power bridge
Reconstruction of the Blast Furnace (BF № 2) with increasing of the volume of the Furnace from 1233 cub.m. to 1719 cub.m. The new incorporated capacity of the BF № 2 is 1,1 mln. t. per year
Reconstruction of the Blast Furnace (BF № 4) with installation of the bell-less charging device and gas-cleaning plant equipped by electric filters Manufacturer of the equipment: “Lurgi” (Germany).
Foundry Yard of the Blast Furnace (BF № 2).Construction of the gas-cleaning plant having 720 cub.m per hour capacity having mounted the technological equipment and steel structures of the Foundry Yard with hydraulics and lubrication system. Trestle work of the air pipe Ø 1620 mm, from the thermal power main line of aero-steam station up to the Blast Furnaces (weight of pipelines is 2160 t.) etc.
Converter Shop Execution of the scheduled works for replacing of the converter № 1 in the conditions of the operating Converter Shop
Oxygen Shop Reconstruction of the Oxygen Shop; reconstruction of the filling station
Mounting of the telescopic hoist of 200 t. capacity for repair of the converter’s lining
Reconstruction of the Oxygen Shop by building of the air-separating plants (ВРУ -60). Technological pipelines of the trestle-work of the industrial lines for air-separating plants (ВРУ-60)
Rail-Beam Shop Reconstruction of the Rail-Beam Shop: straightening section – installation of the straightening machine with the roller bed
Shop of the Rail’s Fasteners Construction of the equipment for balls’ heat treatment in the thermal section of the Rail’s Fasteners Shop installing lubrication and grease systems
Heating Main Lines Construction of the heating main lines to the Marine Transportation Shop and to the Warehouses of the Capital Construction Administration building
Rolling Mill “3600” Mounting of the pumping station for the roll tempering machine № 2, with 7200 cub.м/hour capacity. Mounting of the ultrasonic control unit
Sinter Plant Reconstruction of the Sinter Plant with installation of two new Sintering Machines № 1 and №2
Pumping Station № 20 Reconstruction of pumping-out station, construction of two pumps for the sewage pumping-out with 1720 cub.м. per hour capacity
Rolling Rollers Section Replacement of roll-turning calibrating machine
Slag Treatment Section Construction of the slag treatment section with extraction of the scrap
Dolomite Lime Production Shop Construction and mounting of steel structures for: - warehouse for ready products; - conveyer gallery № 8; - crushing, screening section.
Gas-cleaning Plant Reconstruction of gas line of Venturi gas duct
(RU) Кислородно-конвертерный цех (ККЦ) Execution of the scheduled works for mounting of steel structures and equipment of gas-cleaning plant
The oxygen-Converter shop (CCC) 350-tons Converter
Assembly, welding, dismantling, erection and commissioning
Assembly of the technological equipment (filters and etc.)

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