Projects history

The 2nd stage sinter plants, sinter strands №7-11, «Ilyich Iron and Steel Works» (Mariupol)
Oxygen – converter plant, «Yenakiyeve Iron and Steel Works» (Yenakiyevо)
Cold rolling plant, continuous sheet galvanizing line, «Ilyich Iron and Steel Works» (Mariupol)
The 1st stage sinter plants, «Ilyich Iron and Steel Works» (Mariupol) Rolling mill - 600, «Alchevsk Iron and Steel Works» (Alchevsk)
Blast furnace №5, «Ilyich Iron and Steel Works» (Mariupol) Rail fasteners shop, «Azovstal Iron and Steel Works» (Mariupol)
Converter shop, «Ilyich Iron and Steel Works» (Mariupol)
Cold rolling plant, electric-weld pipe workshop, blast furnace №4, «Ilyich Iron and Steel Works» (Mariupol)
Rolling mill - 1700 (the 2nd stage), new open hearth shop (furnaces 650 tns, 950 tns), «Ilyich Iron and Steel Works» (Mariupol)
Slabs complex - 1150, «Ilyich Iron and Steel Works» ( Mariupol)
Blast furnaces №5 and №6, «Azovstal Iron and Steel Works» (Mariupol)
Electric steelmaking shop, «Donetsk Iron and Steel Works» (Donetsk)
Oxygen – converter plant, «Azovstal Iron and Steel Works» (Mariupol)
Rolling mill 950/900, «Donetsk Iron and Steel Works» (Donetsk)
Plate mill 3600, «Azovstal Iron and Steel Works» (Mariupol)
Coke battery №8, «Avdiivka Coke and Chemical Plant» (AKHZ) (Avdeevka, Donetsk reg.)
Blast furnace №1 bis , «Yenakiyeve Iron and Steel Works» (Yenakiyevo)
Plate mill 3000, «Ilyich Iron and Steel Works» (Mariupol)
Steel Complex, PJSC «Azovmash» (Mariupol)
Electric steelmaking shop , «Azovstal Iron and Steel Works» (Mariupol)
Reconstruction of electric steelmaking shop with assembling of billet ССM and ladle furnace, PJSC «Donetsk Iron and Steel Works» (Donetsk) Replacement of electric arc-furnace with a capacity of 100 tons by electric furnace with a capacity of 120 tons with preheating of the metal scrap and gas cleaning system, PJSC «Donetsk Iron and Steel Works» («Istil»), (Donetsk)
Mining-and-metallurgical integrated works: conveyers: face, oval, steel cord rubber width of 1800-2000 mm and length of 500-700m, loaders , spreaders (Volnogorsk, Dnipropetrovsk reg.) Flux - dolomite plant (Dokuchaevsk, Donetsk reg.) Manganese ore quarries (Nikopol, Dnipropetrovsk reg.) Nothern Mining and Processing plant (Kryvui Rih, Dnipropetrovsk reg.)
Electric – weld pipe workshop for gas and oil welded pipes production with the diameter of 1020-1220 mm, Harzysk plant (Harzisk , Donetsk reg.)
Wire Mill Complex – 150, ОJSC «Makeevka Iron and Steel Works» (Makeevka)
Gas supply to the rural areas: Polessky district of Kiev reg. (settlements: Radynka, Dubovka, Zelenaya Polyana, Omelyanovka, Kalinovka)
Petrochemical equipment , Association « Vinylchloride » (Kalush, Ivano-Frankivsk reg.
Rolling mill– 390, СJSC «Makiivka Iron and Steel Works» (Makeevka, Donetsk reg.) Plate mill– 5000, PJSC «Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works» (Magnitogorsk, RF) LD plant. Replacement of converter with a capacity of 350tns, OJSC «Azovstal Iron and Steel Works» (Mariupol) LD plant. Steel degassing unit of «VAI, Siemens» firm with a capacity of 350 tns, OJSC «МК «Azovstal Iron and Steel Works» (Mariupol) LD plant. Replacement of the converter with a capacity of 60 tns (Algeria)
Sheet rolling mill 2800 (3000). Reconstruction. ОJSC «Alchevsk Iron and Steel Works» (Alchevsk) Complex (Continuous casting department) with ladle furnace, vacuum vessel, double-strand continuous slab-casting machine – (2 machines of «VAI» company) ОJSC «Alchevsk Iron and Steel Works» (Alchevsk) Reconstruction of blast furnace №1, 3, 4, 5, sinter machine № 2, installation of PCI units in the blast furnaces №1, 3, 4, 5, supplied by «Kuttner», ОJSC «Alchevsk Iron and Steel Works» (Alchevsk) Press of 10 000tns capacity with forging manipulator, OJSC «MZTM» (Mariupol) Complex ASUs-60 with external communications. The scaffold industrial wires of sea water for the blast furnace plant, OJSC «Azovstal Iron and Steel Works» (Mariupol)
Polymeric coating plant (SMS-Demag and NKMZ) in combination with assembling of electric bridge cranes with a lifting capacity of 20 / 5tns - 6 units; 50/10tn - 2 units, OJSC «Severstal» (Cherepovets, R F) Automatic molding line supplies by «Kunkel Wagner» firm for billet casting, OJSC MZTM (Mariupol) Sinter plant. Assembly of gas cleaning systems behind sintering machines with installation of electrofilters by company «Spake», OJSC «Ilyich Iron and Steel Works» (Mariupol) Lime kiln plant Complex (two shaft furnaces, crushing and screening plants with galleries, compressor station), OJSC «Illyich Iron and Steel Works» (Mariupol) Roasting shaft furnaces for manufacture of dolomitic lime, ОJSC «Dokuchaevsk flux and dolomite plant » (Dokuchaevsk, Donetsk reg.) Reconstruction of sintering plant with assembling of 2 new sinter machines. Gas cleaning plant with electrofilters of company «MiFiBu», Blast furnace №2, ОJSC «Tulachermet» (Tula, RF)
Dust – exhaust system of cast house. Blast furnace №6 with installation of electrofilters of Slovakian company «MiFiBu», ОJSC «Azovstal Iron and Steel Works» (Mariupol) Overall reconditioning of blast furnace №2 with replacement of cast house flumes and technological equipment, OJSC «Azovstal Iron and Steel Works» (Mariupol) Workshop №5, reconstruction of mechanized furnaces №1-5 for heat treatment of billets, ОJSC «MZTM» (Mariupol)
Reconstruction of LD plant with 6-strand billet and ladle furnace, OJSC «Yenakiyeve Iron and Steel Works» (Yenakiyevo) Assembling of electric bridge cranes (transfer without disassembly to new crane beams with a lifting capacity of 3m) - 9 units, incl. pouring with lifting capacity of 180 tns, weighing more than 300 tns , each- 4 un., OJSC «Yenakiyeve Iron and Steel Works» (Yenakiyevo)
Rotary kilns. Gas treatment systems with electrofilters, hydrophols, coarse –grinding mills, pulverizing mills, ball mills, silos, coolers, cement packaging tapes into sack tare and euro tare (Big Bag), asbestos pipe and asbestos cement manufacture, production of sheet and pipes, OJSC «Doncement» (Amrosievka, Donetsk reg.)
Reconstruction of the Blast Furnace Shop No.2. Year of 2015 – till the present time. Mechanical, power supply part. Central unit, Foundry Yard. JSC «Arcelor Mittal Annaba», Algeria.
Gas supply system installation (on turnkey basis). Year of 2015. Private JSC «PlitSpichProm». Kaluga Region, Balabanovo, Russian Federation.
Manufacturing and assembly of the steel structures. «MAHLE RUS» Ltd., Industrial Park «Vorsino», Kaluga Region, Russian Federation.
Assembly of the steel structures. «КТ&G» Ltd., Industrial Park «Vorsino», Kaluga Region, Russian Federation.
Construction of the football stadium in Samara. Assembly of the steel structures. Year of 2015 – till the present time. «Engineering-and-construction Company «Kazan» Ltd., Samara, Russian Federation.
Blast Furnace Shop. Construction of the pig iron desulphurization unit. Year of 2015. Private JSC «TulaChermet», Russian Federation.
Construction of the reservoir (on turnkey basis). Slag Yard. Power equipment assembly. Electric Furnace Shop. Scrap drying stations construction (on turnkey basis). Electric Furnace Shop. Overhaul repair of the gas flue with DN 3200 mm. Electric Furnace Shop. Preparation Shop. Running and overhaul repairs of the technological and auxiliary equipment. Years of 2014-2015 – till the present time Electric Furnace Shop. Assembly of the steel structures, monorails. Electric Furnace Shop. Assembly of the gunning mix manipulator (on turnkey basis). «NLMK-Kaluga» Ltd. Kaluga Region, Russian Federation.
BOF Shop. Renewal repair of BF-4. Hoist incline, assembly of the railways; assembly of the equipment (skips, skip winch, stockrod winch, roller apron, etc.); assembly of the centralized lubrication system for BF-4 facilities; top charging equipment, BF bells’ manipulating hydraulic drive assembly; assembly of the oxygen and nitrogen networks inside the shop; commissioning works for BF equipment, Tandem Mill equipment, hydraulic and lubrication systems. CJSC «Zaporozhstal», Zaporozhye, Ukraine (2014).
Cold Rolling Shop-1. Production of cold-rolled sheets for automotive industry. Reconstruction of the pickling department with transfer to hydrochloric acid etching, НТА-4 installation (continuously - pickling unit-4): assembly of the mechanical equipment HTA-4; assembly of the power systems НТА-4; assembly of the hydraulic systems, grease and liquid lubricants systems for НТА-4; manufacturing of the units and assembly of the technological pipelines inside the shop; non-destructing quality control of the welding seams; commissioning works. CJSC «Zaporozhstal», Zaporozhye, Ukraine (2014).
Furnace cooling system repair during second-category overhaul repair of the blast furnace No.2. Repair works at Sinter Shop facilities (repair of the equipment and steel structures of sintering machines, repair of the bottom bins and conveyors). Repair of the bin trestle, repair of crane tracks. OJSC «Tulachermet», Tula, Russian Federation.
Petroleum products Tank Farm. Two tanks of 5000 cub.m capacity has been dismantled after explosion and assembled after the following works: reconditioning of the tank of 5000 cub.m capacity after explosion, overhaul repair of 5000 cub.m capacity tank. «Batumsky Oil Terminal», Batumi, Georgia.
The facilities of DSP -150 Complex «Replacement of the open-hearth steel-making method for electrical one with reconstruction and technical modernization of the Open-Hearth Shop and Oxygen Shop». Assembly of the steel structures, technological pipelines and equipment. Reconstruction with replacing of the compressors. Private JSC «Donetskstal Iron & Steel Works», «Steel-making Complex» Branch, Donetsk, Ukraine.
Overhaul repair of the mechanical equipment. PJSC ««Azovstal» Iron & Steel Works», Mariupol, Ukraine.
Assembly of the technological equipment (filters and etc.). PJSC «Doncement», Amvrosiyevka, Ukraine.
Assembly of the steel structures for production buildings. Assembly of EOT cranes, technological equipment, etc. Sukhodolsky Plant for specialized heavy machinery. Science-and-production association «Tyazhpromarmatura», Aleksin, Russian Federation.
Converter Shop. Assembly of the equipment and power systems for 6-strand CCM. Arcelor Mittal Krivoy Rog, Ukraine.
Pulverized coal preparation and injection unit for blast furnaces. Assembly of the technological equipment, steel structures and pipelines. Desulphurization unit. Assembly of the equipment. PJSC «Alchevskiy Iron & Steel Works», Alchevsk, Ukraine.
Assembly of the power systems of Cold rolling mill - 2000. PJSC «Magnitogorsky Iron & Steel Works», Magnitogorsk, Russian Federation.
Overhaul-reconditioning repair of the Blast Furnace No. 3. Assembly of the hydraulic pneumatic control system and centralized lubrication system for BF-3 facilities. OJSC «Yenakiyevskiy Iron & Steel Works», Yenakiyeve, Ukraine.
Blast furnace №1, overhaul repairs of the 1st category with the total replacement of the blast furnace, cast house and the other objects of complex OJSC «Tulachermet». OJSC «Tulachermet», Tula, Russian Federation.
2019. Construction of the air-distribution plant Temirtau-2. Manufacturer of the equipment – Linde Gas. Installation of the pipelines. Gross air leak tests and hydro-testing for the pipelines, tanks and reservoirs.
2019. Construction of the ladle-furnace unit No.3. Electrics installation and commissioning works. JSC «ArcelorMittal Temirtau».
2019. Construction of the feeders KL-6kv No. 12 and No. 32. Orken-Atasu Branch. «Orken» Ltd.
2019. Current repair of the trolleys No.65 within 121-169 axes of ANGA line. JSC «ArcelorMittal Temirtau»
2019. «Electro-filter installation behind BF No.2». JSC «ArcelorMittal Temirtau»
2019. «Coke and by-product process. Coal preparation Shop PS 31». Reconstruction of the aspiration systems in PS-31 AS-1, AS-2. JSC «ArcelorMittal Temirtau».
2019. Energy Department-2. Repair of the telephone communication at HVO-3. JSC «ArcelorMittal Temirtau»
2019. Reconstruction of the main building lighting and BOF Shop mixer department lighting. JSC «ArcelorMittal Temirtau»
2019. Sinter machine No.7 overhaul repair, instrumentation and control equipment repair. JSC «ArcelorMittal Temirtau»
2019. Reconstruction of the dust removal facilities AU-1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 at shaft kilns departments of the lime kiln house. Electrics installation works. JSC «ArcelorMittal Temirtau»
2019. Seasonal auditing and electric equipment adjustment works for «Orken-Atansor». Branch of «Orken» Ltd. JSC «ArcelorMittal Temirtau»