Construction facilities

OJSC «Makeevskiy Iron & Steel Works», Ukraine

Object type Types of work
Thermal Power Main Pipeline Replacement of the boiler heating area
Rolling Mill «390», «150», «1150/630» Execution of the scheduled works for mounting of the equipment and power systems for Rolling Mill «390», Overhaul repairs with modernization of Rolling Mills «1150/630» and «150»: Assembly of the mechanical equipment for the billets’ rolling mills-150 and 390, the total weight of the equipment assembled is more than 7500 tons, incl. heating furnaces, stands, roll tables, straightening machines etc. Assembly of the power systems serving the rolling mills: cooling systems, hydraulic pneumatic drive, centralized lubricating system, compressed air system and etc.(pump stations, accumulator stations, oil cellars). Assembly of the technological pipelines inside and outside the shop (water-, heat-, and gas supply, recycling water piping and etc.) and steel structures (platforms, support structures for the pipelines as well as the other technological steel structures). Equipment suppliers: Germany, Companies «MWE MAGDEBURGER» and «LOI THERMPROCESS GMBH».

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