Construction facilities

OJSC «Donetsk Steel Works», Ukraine

Object type Types of work
Blast Furnace Shop Overhaul-reconditioning repair of the Blast Furnace (BF-2) with installation of the modern Foundry Yard and Pulverized Coal Injection unit
(RU) Реконструкция доменной печи № 2. Проект производства работ на демонтаж и монтаж металлоконструкций эстакады.
Reconstruction of the Blast Furnace (BF № 2). Development of Works’ execution program on demounting and mounting of the steel structures for trestle.
Construction of the Casting Machine. Reconstruction of the Electric Steel - Making Shop with mounting of the Electric Steel - Making Furnace №2 with vacuum degassing machine and gas cleaning plant Manufacturer of the equipment: «Vakmetal» (Gemany), «Danieli» (Italy).
Construction of the central air station. Reconstruction of the Electric Steel - Making Shop with installation of the 6-strand Continuous Casting Machine and “Ladle-Furnace” unit. Mounting of the hoist incline on the Blast Furnace
PCI Unit Construction of the pulverized coal injection unit
Converter Shop Manufacturing and erection of steel structures

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